Rockman is a Daddy again!

IMG_0489I’m so happy to report that I’m a Daddy for the third time…and it’s a girl…for the third time as well! Gabby was born on 2/16/2011 and she is just as gorgeous as can be!  I’m taking a little time off from work and from blogging to be at home with the family, but I have stockpiled some nice little Gabby-sized blog entries that I can publish in between diaper changes.  I’ll be back in action (albeit slightly less well rested) soon, and gearing up for the Geo-Frontiers conference in Dallas in mid-March.

IMG_9460    IMG_9447


  1. Paul Bryden

    Welcome Gabby, Feb 16 is a great birthday because it’s mine too!

  2. Zoran

    Gabby…what took you so long??? Same chiks…same hair…Congratulations!!!

  3. W. Robert Thompson, III, P.E.

    Awesome…they all obviously get their beauty from their mom! All the best to the happy family!