New Corps Study Suggests Geoprofessionals Will Be Busy for Years

A controlled breach of a levee in Plaquemines Parish to relieve huricane Isaac's flooding in 2012

The GBA posted recently about a study from the US Army Corps that suggest geoprofessionals will be kept busy for years to come. The study is in the same vein as other infrastructure studies that indicate additional funding is needed for the maintenance and operation of the Nation’s dams, levees, navigational structures and hydro-electric facilities. The National Research Council performed the study, and one of their key conclusions was that partnerships between state and local government and even private industry may provide additional revenue options. The GBA summary is definitely worth reading, and they rightly conclude that the majority of the work on the vast network of Corps infrastructure will require the services of geoprofessionals. [Source: Read the full summary from ASFE: The Geoprofessional Business Association. Image:]


  1. W. Robert Thompson, III, P.E.

    I was perusing back through your posts and found this one. I sure hope this is the case! I think it will be for those of us that work in the different niches that we do, especially as more and more agencies like the COE stop doing engineering themselves. As always, revenue will be the key! Keep up the good work with the blog, Randy. Really enjoy reading and using you as a resource!

  2. Randy Post

    That’s true, Robert. I imagine a number of agencies at the state and federal level have had to cut staff or stop hiring. It will take consultants like us to fill in the gaps and help them meet their mandates. Thanks for the props, I appreciate your support!