Moretrench Announces New Senior Management Positions

Scott D. Dodds, new General Manager of Moretrench.

Specialty geotechnical contractor Moretrench is pleased to announce two new senior management positions.

Scott D. Dodds has joined the company as General Manager–Geotechnical Group, Mid-Atlantic & Midwest Regions. Mr. Dodds is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Scott brings more than 25 years of construction industry experience to his new position. His role constitutes day-to-day responsibilities for all facets of geotechnical projects within his region, including business development and design/planning insight and support and guidance to engineering, operations and administrative staff.

Greg Peitz, new Moretrench Operations ManagerGreg Peitz has joined the company as Operations Manager–Geotechnical Group, Mid-Atlantic & Midwest Regions. Mr. Peitz has a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration from Robert Morris College, Pittsburgh, PA, and more than 30 years of specialty geotechnical construction management experience. His particular expertise is in the area of large diameter drilled shafts. Along with his responsibility of overseeing the field operations in this region, Mr. Peitz will continue to actively pursue new opportunities in the drilled shaft marketplace.

Nicholson Awarded Design-Build Contract for Miami-Dade’s Norris Cut Project

Pittsburgh, PA – January, 7, 2014 – Nicholson Construction was recently awarded a $72.1 million dollar Design-Build contract to replace an existing force main from the Virginia Key Central District Wastewater Treatment Plant (CDWWTP) under Biscayne Bay Norris Cut to Fisher Island.

The project, which involves changing out the current 54-inch sewer force main for a 60-inch replacement, is set to last approximately 26 months. The main scope includes the installation of a precast concrete segmental tunnel, which will stretch more than a mile from the treatment plant on Virginia Key to Fisher Island.

The Design-Build contract includes planning, engineering, design, permitting, procurement, construction/installation, testing and the start-up of the replacement force main.

Nicholson will act as the General Contractor for this project, with subcontractors including award-winning tunnel-design firm Arup, and various local sub-consultants and subcontractors.

Nicholson was among the three firms selected to bid on the project out of the six who intended to prequalify.

“There were a lot of really strong firms bidding on this project,” said Laurent LeFebvre, Executive Vice President, Nicholson Construction. “We’re happy to be working with Miami-Dade County again and we look forward to a successful project with them.”

The project is slated to start in early 2014.

About Nicholson Construction Company

Nicholson has been both a leader and an innovator in the geotechnical construction industry for more than 50 years. With regional offices across the country and headquarters located in Pittsburgh, Nicholson is a nationally renowned specialty contractor, offering proven expertise in the design and installation of deep foundation elements, earth retention systems and ground treatment solutions. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently provide our clients with innovative, high-quality design-build options for projects of varying size and complexity. Nicholson is the North American subsidiary of Soletanche Bachy, one of the world’s leading geotechnical contractors, and is part of a global network of unparalleled geotechnical resources and expertise.


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DFI Educational Trust Announces Three New Scholarship Funds

Hawthorne, NJ (December 2, 2013): The DFI Educational Trust announces the establishment of three new scholarship programs: the Manual Fine Civil Engineering Scholarship Fund, John O’Malley Scholarship Fund and Francis Gularte Scholarship Fund.

The Manuel Fine Civil Engineering Scholarship Fund was established through a $25,000 donation from the Heavy Construction Association of Ontario. The fund honors Manuel Fine, who served DFI for 24 years in many roles, including trustee, president, executive director, managing editor of Deep Foundations magazine, and in recent years, as publisher of the DFI Journal. The fund will provide scholarships for civil engineering students attending universities in Canada. Patrick Bermingham, of Bermingham Foundation Solutions and vice president of the DFI Board of Trustees, is chair of the fundraising drive.

The John O’Malley Scholarship Fund was launched with a pledge from Case Foundation Company for an annual donation of $10,000 over 10 years to fund a scholarship in honor of O’Malley, past chairman of the company, for his 40 years of exemplary service and leadership to the construction industry.  The goal is to raise a $250,000 total endowment fund to provide a minimum $10,000 scholarship each year to undergraduate civil engineering students who have financial need and an interest in the deep foundations industry.

The Francis Gularte Scholarship Fund was established through the efforts of John Wolosick (treasurer of DFI and the DFI Educational Trust) and Hayward Baker, in honor of Gularte, a long-time executive at Hayward Baker and accomplished industry leader. The fund received an initial donation of $10,000 from Hayward Baker and a $15,000 pledge from Gularte. Wolosick is currently spearheading a fundraising drive with a goal of achieving a minimum endowment fund of $75,000.

About the DFI Educational Trust

The Deep Foundations Institute Educational Trust ( is an independent, 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization established in 2006 by the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) as its charitable arm. The mission of the Trust is to support and encourage individuals in the fields of study related to the deep foundation industry by providing scholarships and opportunities to meet and work with deep foundation industry leaders.

About the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI)

DFI ( is an international association of contractors, engineers, suppliers, academics and owners in the deep foundations industry. Our multi-disciplinary membership creates a consensus voice and a common vision for continual improvement in the planning, design and construction of deep foundations and excavations. We bring together members for networking, education, communication and collaboration. With our members, we promote the advancement of the deep foundations industry through technical committees, educational programs and conferences, publications, research, government relations and outreach. DFI has more than 3,000 members worldwide.


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Quenching the Thirst: Compelling New Book Reveals Sustainable Solutions to Water Supply and Climate Change


Written by George Annandale, ‘Quenching the Thirst: Sustainable Water Supply and Climate Change’ informs readers of the inadequacy of global water supply. The book outlines plausible options to safeguard future fresh water supply in spite of the uncertainties associated with climate change. With its vital insight and concrete guidance, the book is sure to resonate with readers around the world.

Denver, Colorado – The flow of clean water from taps in the western world creates the illusion of abundance, while, in fact, the small amount of fresh water available on earth is dwindling. The amount of fresh water is so small that all the fresh groundwater on earth can fit in a sphere with a diameter of only 42 miles. Similarly, if one would place the fresh water that instantaneously flow in all rivers on earth in a sphere, it will have a diameter of only 10 miles. A distance of 10 miles is shorter than the daily commuting distance of most people on earth.

Globally humans use three and a half times more groundwater than what is naturally replenished. While many people are aware of pending water shortages and are concerned about climate change impacts, few have solutions. Renowned engineer and humanitarian George Annandale has prepared a ground-breaking new book that explains the threatening problem in plain terms and also proposes plausible remedies. Quenching the Thirst: Sustainable Water Supply and Climate Change puts aside long-winded explanations and scientific terminology to help the public recognize and accept the world’s growing fresh water shortage, and understand how it may be resolved.


This book was conceived out of a deep concern about the impact of pending global water shortages. Increased demand for water by a rapidly growing world population, decreased water availability due to climate change, and the deteriorating condition of water supply infrastructure are great concerns. In the absence of decisive action water shortages will be the norm in both developed and developing nations.

The author, during a life-long career in water resources engineering, has witnessed the hardships resulting from inadequate water supply throughout the world. Those experiences motivated him to explain this global challenge in a manner understandable to the general public and professionals alike. Dedicated to developing the essential insight necessary to address the challenge, this book presents a thorough analysis of the nature and magnitude of the problem, and its solution.

The author provides practical guidance on how to end the current practice of relentlessly and irreversibly depleting our water resources. He reveals how to reliably and sustainably supply fresh water in the future, in spite of the anticipated impacts of climate change. The book is essential reading for anyone interested in and concerned about the impacts of climate change on future water supplies. The concrete approach to reliably and sustainably supply fresh water to both current and future generations provides clear direction on how to proceed.

As the author explains, this book offers hope to humanity.

“Current water supply policy results in non-sustainable water resource development and does not account for the uncertainties associated with climate change. The non-sustainability of water resource development is characterized by the over-exploitation of groundwater and the global net decline in the volumes of water storage reservoirs,” says Annandale.

Continuing, “This book provides compelling guidance on what should be done to ensure reliable and sustainable supplies of fresh water in perpetuity. Discounting this advice will certainly lead to global disaster though diminished food supply and inadequate availability of fresh water for domestic and industrial use.”

The book is selling briskly as its popularity continues to increase. Interested readers can purchase their copies of ‘Quenching the Thirst: Sustainable Water Supply and Climate Change’ from:

About the Author:

George Annandale, humanitarian, engineer and author, was born in South Africa, one of the most drought-stricken countries on earth. Currently residing in Denver, Colorado with his wife, Nicolene, his work has entailed extensive travel on every continent except Antarctica. As a principal with an internationally renowned environmental consulting firm dedicated to engineering earth’s development and to preserving its integrity, he has developed wide-ranging solutions in his consultation to governments, private clients, non-governmental organizations, universities, development banks and aid agencies.

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DFI Appoints New Technical Committee Chairs

Hawthorne, NJ (October 23, 2013): Four of the 15 DFI Technical Committees have new committee chairs. It is the role of the Technical Committees to focus on the unique issues of major methods and technologies within deep foundations and excavation, and to keep DFI members and the industry up to date with the state of practice through publications, guidance documents, peer-review of papers, educational events and committee reports in Deep Foundations magazine.

Paul Axtell, P.E., D.GE, principal engineer, Dan Brown and Associates, PC, is the new chair of the Drilled Shaft Committee, following Tom Hart of Black & Veatch. Axtell primarily focuses on foundation engineering for transportation structures. Recently, he has been the lead foundation designer for several major bridges around the nation, most of which include full-scale foundation load tests. Axtell received his undergraduate engineering degree from the University of Missouri and his graduate engineering degree from the University of Texas. He is a registered professional engineer in several states and is a Diplomate in the Academy of Geo-Professionals.

Paul Axtell, P.E., D.GE, principal engineer, Dan Brown and Associates, PC chair of the DFI Drilled Shaft Committee. Roderic A. Ellman, Jr., P.E., partner, Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers (MRCE), chair of the DFI Marine Foundations Committee

Roderic A. Ellman, Jr., P.E., partner, Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers (MRCE), took over the reins of the Marine Foundations Committee from Gerry Houlahan of Moffatt and Nichol. He joined MRCE in 1980 and is an experienced Structural Engineer with an expertise in marine engineering, waterfront structures and cofferdam design. Ellman has directed numerous large-scale projects, including the Woodrow Wilson Bridge and the Route 9A Pedestrian Underpass. He is a graduate of the State University of New York at Oneonta and the Polytechnic Institute of New York.

Kwabena Ofori-Awuah, P.E., manager and practice leader, KCI’s Geotechnical Engineering Practice has stepped up to chair the Seismic and Lateral Loads Committee, following Mark Petersen of CB&I. He has more than 27 years of professional experience in civil, geotechnical engineering and earthquake engineering in both the public and private sectors. He is currently the Dam Owners Engineer and the geotechnical engineer of record for new and remedial design and construction of several dams. He has a B.S. from University Of Science and Technology in Ghana, an M.S. from University of New Mexico, and a Ph.D. from Virginia Tech.

Kwabena Ofori-Awuah, P.E., manager and practice leader, KCI's Geotechnical Engineering Practice has stepped up to chair the DFI Seismic and Lateral Loads Committee Gary L. Seider, P.E., engineering manager, Hubbell/CHANCE® Civil and Utility Helical Products, Hubbell Power Systems, Inc., chair of the DFI Helical Piles and Tiebacks Committee.

Gary L. Seider, P.E., engineering manager, Hubbell/CHANCE® Civil and Utility Helical Products, Hubbell Power Systems, Inc., succeeded Howard Perko of Magnum GeoSolutions as chair of the Helical Piles and Tiebacks Committee. Seider supervises the civil construction & utility application/project engineering staff, assisting in the proper use of CHANCE® helical anchors/piles and Atlas Resistance® piers, and contributing his expertise to the development of new helical anchor/pile and pushed steel pier products and applications. He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Rolla.

About the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI)

DFI ( is an international association of contractors, engineers, suppliers, academics and owners in the deep foundations industry. Our multi-disciplinary membership creates a consensus voice and a common vision for continual improvement in the planning, design and construction of deep foundations and excavations. We bring together members for networking, education, communication and collaboration. With our members, we promote the advancement of the deep foundations industry through technical committees, educational programs and conferences, publications, research, government relations and outreach. DFI has more than 3,300 members worldwide.

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Dataforensics is focus of Panasonic business solution article: “Dataforensics maximizes field work uptime with fully rugged-tablet solution”

Dataforensics pLog Tablet Software running on ruggedized Panasonic Toughpad A1Norcross, GA – September, 2013 – Dataforensics is the focus of an article distributed by technology industry leader Panasonic Systems Communication Company. The article is the result of a case study performed by Panasonic re-seller, DataSource Mobility.

Dataforensics has invested more than a decade creating software that is flexible, customizable and improves the field data collection process. Software is only one piece of the puzzle, hardware that is capable of withstanding field conditions, but also captures photo/video data, GPS data all while having the battery life necessary for a full day’s work is the other.

With the release of the Toughpad line of rugged tablets, Panasonic has delivered a unit that fulfills exactly the needs of pLog users.

“We’ve been waiting for this device for 13 years. We are now able to offer our customers a complete solution to capture data from the field in real-time. The Toughpad FZ-A1 has allowed us to do more than we could ever do before” states Scott Deaton, President.


Full articles can be found here:

About Dataforensics

Dataforensics is a leader in deploying software applications that serve as core components for data and personnel management within geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. Our solutions enable efficient, timely and accurate assessments. The resulting assessments are used to support analysis and design activities by the engineering and construction industries, as well as federal, state and local government organizations. For more information, please visit

Layne Christensen announces $19 million geoconstruction contract

THE WOODLANDS, Texas, Sept. 18, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Layne Christensen Company (Nasdaq:LAYN) ("Layne") today announced that its Geoconstruction Division received a contract to provide specialized foundation work in connection with the construction of Transbay Tower in San Francisco. 

The contract has an estimated value to Layne of approximately $19 million. Work on the project is expected to commence in October 2013 and last approximately 6 months.

Transbay Tower is a 1.3 million square-foot, 61-story skyscraper that will become the centerpiece of a 145-acre, multi-purpose development in downtown San Francisco. The tower, which will be built adjacent to the Transbay Transit Center, is slated to become the tallest building on the West Coast, rising to a height of 1,070 feet.  

Layne’s Geoconstruction Division will install the building foundation system by the use of LBE (load bearing elements). Seated approximately 245 feet deep, these LBE are designed to support vertical loads from the building framing system and transfer them to the foundation.

Rene Robichaud, Chief Executive Officer of Layne, said, "Layne’s selection as a contractor for this landmark project is a recognition of our world-class ability to offer specialty foundation construction services in a safe and sustainable manner. We are excited to be a part of a project that will help transform San Francisco’s skyline and form the new heart of a revitalized neighborhood."

Layne Christensen Company

Layne is a global water management, construction and drilling company, providing responsible solutions to the world of essential natural resources — water, mineral and energy. We offer innovative, sustainable products and services with an enduring commitment to safety, excellence, and integrity.

Forward-Looking Statements 

This press release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Exchange Act of 1934. Such statements may include, but are not limited to, statements of plans and objectives, statements of future economic performance and statements of assumptions underlying such statements, and statements of management’s intentions, hopes, beliefs, expectations or predictions of the future. Forward-looking statements can often be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology, such as "should," "intended," "continue," "believe," "may," "hope," "anticipate," "goal," "forecast," "plan," "estimate" and similar words or phrases. Such statements are based on current expectations and are subject to certain risks, uncertainties and assumptions, including but not limited to: the outcome of the ongoing internal investigation into, among other things, the legality, under the FCPA and local laws, of certain payments to agents and other third parties interacting with government officials in certain countries in Africa relating to the payment of taxes and the importing of equipment (including any government enforcement action which could arise out of the matters under review or that the matters under review may have resulted in a higher dollar amount of payments or may have a greater financial or business impact than management currently anticipates), prevailing prices for various commodities, unanticipated slowdowns in the Company’s major markets, the availability of credit, the risks and uncertainties normally incident to the construction industry, the impact of competition, the effectiveness of operational changes expected to increase efficiency and productivity, worldwide economic and political conditions and foreign currency fluctuations that may affect worldwide results of operations. Should one or more of these risks or uncertainties materialize, or should underlying assumptions prove incorrect, actual results may vary materially and adversely from those anticipated, estimated or projected. These forward-looking statements are made as of the date of this filing, and the Company assumes no obligation to update such forward-looking statements or to update the reasons why actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in such forward-looking statements.

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Ressi di Cervia Named 2013 DFI Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Arturo L. Ressi di Cervia, recipient of the 2013 DFI Distinguished Service AwardHawthorne, NJ (August 1, 2013): Arturo L. Ressi di Cervia is the recipient of DFI’s highest award to an individual, the Distinguished Service Award. He is the 33rd recipient of the award, designated for individuals or companies chosen by their peers for exceptionally valuable contributions to the deep foundations industry. The award will be presented on September 27 during DFI’s 38th Annual Conference in Phoenix.

Ressi is currently special projects executive with the Eastern District of Kiewit and a foundation and geotechnical consultant. A DFI member since 1990, he joined the DFI Board of Trustees in 2010. He graduated from Bologna University, Italy in civil engineering, specializing in soil mechanics. After university, he joined ICOS, an international specialty foundation company. He became president and owner of ICOS’ international operations, with companies in Hong Kong, Chile, Venezuela, Korea, Singapore and Canada.  When Treviicos was established the U.S., he served as president.

Ressi is well known for his slurry wall expertise. Early in his career he was involved in the design and construction of the innovative slurry wall foundation for the World Trade Center in New York City. That seminal structure withstood the 9/11 disaster and most likely prevented the Hudson River from flooding lower Manhattan. He has been involved in several other landmark projects including the deep cut-offs in Manicouagan, Wolf Creek, the New World Center in Hong Kong, and slurry wall projects for subways in the U.S., Hong Kong, Korea and Singapore.  He has written technical papers, frequently lectures at technical seminars and conferences, and holds six U.S. patents.

About the Deep Foundations Institute (DFI)

DFI ( is an international association of contractors, engineers, suppliers, academics and owners in the deep foundations industry. Our multi-disciplinary membership creates a consensus voice and a common vision for continual improvement in the planning, design and construction of deep foundations and excavations. We bring together members for networking, education, communication and collaboration. With our members, we promote the advancement of the deep foundations industry through technical committees, educational programs and conferences, publications, research, government relations and outreach. DFI has more than 3,300 members worldwide.


Announcing the GeoWorld Technical Forums: Connecting you with geoprofessionals who answer your technical questions!


July 10, 2013 – The GeoWorld professional network is pleased to announce the development of its latest innovative online tool: The Geo-Technical Forums!

The new forums were a request by a number of individuals and committees of ISSMGE and have some features that aim to satisfy professional needs for communication about technical topics within the geo-community.

This launch comes just a few weeks after the GeoWorld community voted the Technical Forums, as their most needed online tool for geoprofessionals.

The staff of has spent months working on the development of these new forums, which constitute at the same time a major upgrade of the forums previously available on They are now live and available for the 3,000 GeoWorld members! If you are not yet on GeoWorld- The Professional Online Networking Tool for Geoprofessionals, you can sign up for free in just a few minutes here:

There are a number of competitive advantages to the New GeoWorld Technical Forums, such as:


  1. Unique focus on technical issues and threads grouped per technical topic
  2. Exceptionally high visibility and participation by over 3,000 subscribed GeoWorld members– among which are renowned geo-experts, both academicians and practitioners
  3. Automatic tracking and indexing of content using tags, that help categorize your thread and make it reach the right people so that visitors in your particular field or area of interest will participate and answer your questions
  4. Easier search and more options for indexing. High visibility of the forums in search engines.
  5. Postings are tied to each individual’s or company’s/organization’s GeoWorld account. Members of GeoWorld can establish a reputation by actively participating in the forums and providing useful feedback to colleagues worldwide.
  6. Active participants are eligible to receive free books, conference registrations, and other professional geo-gifts.
  7. As opposed to forums available elsewhere, as well as social media groups, these forums are shared with all members (i.e., each group does not have its own forum) so that there is one central location where all questions are asked and answered!

So go ahead and check out the forums and post your questions! The GeoWorld team looks forward to receiving your feedback at .

We hope you will share our enthusiasm for this ground-breaking forum board and that you will participate and get the most out of the GeoWorld Technical Forums!

Keynetix Launch Ground Breaking Mapping Technology for Geotechnical Engineers at Geotechnica 2013

Keynetix launched their latest build of HoleBASE SI Professional at Geotechnica 2013 and this release includes technology to enable geotechnical engineers to instantly preview their site investigation data alongside BGS data and aerial photography coverage.

The BGS OpenGeoscience mapping sets, including the 1:50,000 Bedrock and Superficial Deposits, are now available to turn on in the background of the HoleBASE SI project mapping window together with Microsoft’s Bing mapping and aerial photography. Maps are licenced for commercial use, including the supply of hard copy reports. Mapping data is streamed from the internet, so customers do not need the IT infrastructure to store and serve the large mapping sets.

“The key drivers behind OpenGeoscience was to allow more people to access core geological information and to encourage businesses to innovate with our data” said Geraldine Wildman from the BGS “We are delighted that Keynetix have implemented BGS OpenGeoscience mapping in a desktop product and are really excited by how this move will increase the use of BGS data within the geotechnical industry.”

There are a total of 15 BGS mapping sets in HoleBASE SI including; Borehole Records, Water Wells, Site Investigation Reports, Drill Core, Samples, Onshore Hydrocarbon Wells, Geophysical Logs, Well Water Levels, Aquifer Properties, Geochemistry, 1:50K Linear Features, 1:50K Mass Movement, 1:50K Artificial Ground, 1:50K Superficial Deposits and 1:50K Bedrock.

As well as the BGS data, Keynetix have included Bing Aerial photography, Bing Roads, Bing Hybrid (aerial and roads) into the release. “The addition of commercial licences for Aerial Photography and Bing mapping data is a major benefit to our customers.” said Roger Chandler, Managing Director of Keynetix. “Many of our users have been confused by the prohibitive Google Earth licencing conditions and will be pleased to learn that the commercial licence in HoleBASE SI means they can use the mapping data in their reports without paying additional royalty fees.”

The new HoleBASE SI release also includes full document management, together with the first full release of the HoleBASE SI Extension for Microsoft Excel and the HoleBASE Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D and many other exciting new additions.

To see how this new technology will transform the way you view data, visit Keynetix on stands 19 &20.

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