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We are the largest, most comprehensive geothermal consulting and services firm in the Western Hemisphere. We have served a large and diverse client base in evaluating and developing hundreds of geothermal projects in more than 50 countries worldwide. This means we partner with you to deliver projects on time and on budget with unparalleled quality, efficiency and results.

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Geosynthetics Magazine

Geosynthetics is the official publication of the North American Geosynthetics Society (NAGS) and the Geosynthetic Materials Association, a division of the Industrial Fabrics Association International. Published since 1983, Geosynthetics provides timely and accurate industry information about geosynthetic products, applications and services.

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GEER: Geo-Engineering Extreme Events Reconnaissance

Extreme events engineering is an experience-driven field. Immediately following the occurrence of an extreme event (e.g., earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, landslide, or flood), perishable data that can be used to advance our understanding should be systemically collected. The importance of detailed mapping and surveying of damaged areas relative to general damage surveys cannot be overemphasized, as they provide the hard data of the well-documented case histories that drive the development of many of the empirical procedures used in geoengineering practice. The GEER Association is working to develop a systematic approach to conducting the NSF-sponsored reconnaissance efforts of the the geotechnical effects of extreme events. The project is formalizing the manner in which extreme events reconnaissance efforts are organized by the GeoPrograms of NSF.

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