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1   Link   Con-Tech Systems Ltd.
Suppliers of anchored Geo-Support Systems such as strand- or bar-anchors, micropiles (also called minipiles, GEWI piles, pin piles or pali radi) and soil nails including the CTS / TITAN IBO hollow bar system.
2   Link   Fiberweb - TYPAR Geotextiles - Tough Over Time
Geotextile manufacturer. In addition to the usual products for a company like this, they have a geotextile product deployed to combat areas. But what I really liked on their site was som cartoony schematic diagrams showing a French drain and trenches anchoring a separation geotextile on a slope before dumping riprap.
3   Link   Roctest Telemac
Roctest is a world leader manufacturer of instrumentation used in civil engineering projects such as dams, tunnels and other large infrastructures, including tall buildings and mines. Roctest manufactures geotechnical and structural instruments for monitoring and field testing of soil, rock, concrete and steel structures which include extensometers, inclinometers, piezometers, water level systems, cells & stressmeters, strain gauges, settlement systems, packers, in-situ testing and laboratories equipment, as well as readout units and dataloggers.
4   Link   Shorepac Construction Drilling
CETCO Construction Drilling Products provides bentonite and polymer specialty products and services for subsurface excavations including drilled shafts, tunnel boring, bored piles and diaphragm walls.
5   Link   TEI Rock Drills
TEI Rock Drills Inc. manufactures drilling attachments and limited access drill rigs for the construction, mining, fencing and geothermal industries.
6   Link   Williams Form Engineering Corp.
A leading manufacturer of ground anchor systems, threaded bars, tiebacks, micropiles and soil nails.
7   Link   Skyline Steel
Skyline Steel is recognized as the premiere provider of steel foundation solutions in North America. Skyline supplies world class sheet pile, bearing pile and pipe pile systems and structural steel fabrication.
8   Link   ACH Foam Technologies
Manufacturer of expanded polystyrene geofoam and engineered construction products.
9   Link   Strata Systems, Inc.
Manufacturers of advanced soil reinforcement products.
10   Link   TenCate Mirafi
Manufacturers of geosynthetic products including geotextiles, geogrids and geocomposites.
11   Link   Geokon, Inc.
Geokon, Inc. manufacturers a full range of high-quality geotechnical instrumentation suitable for monitoring the safety and stability of a variety of civil and mining structures.
12   Link   Instantel
Manufacturer of portable vibration monitoring equipment used for blast monitoring in the mining and quarrying industries, as well as civil and construction projects.
13   Link   Triggs Technologies
Development, manufacture, and sale of the Wildcat dynamic cone penetrometer, which economically and continuously measures strength, CBR, and N-values of soils to 25-foot depths.
14   Link   ChemGrout
ChemGrout offers the world's widest selection of grouting equipment. Applications include heavy construction, building construction, restoration and repair, highways, bridges, mining, tunneling, geothermal and soil stabilization. Making grouting profitable for over 25 years.
15   Link   CONTECH Construction Products
CONTECH Construction Products Inc. provides site solutions for the civil engineering industry. Contech's products include bride, drainage, earth stabilization, and storm-water solutions.
16   Link   Western Excelsior Corp.
Western Excelsior Corp. is a manufacturer of rolled erosion control products and sediment retention devices. They also have their own design software.
17   Link   Mabey Bridge & Shore, Inc.
Mabey Bridge & Shore, Inc. rents one of the broadest range of products for shoring, propping and bridging, and specialize in supplying engineered solutions for temporary works.
18   Link   Maccaferri Inc.
Traditionally known for its double twist gabions and Reno mattresses, Maccaferri has extended its product range significantly over the last decade.
19   Link   GSE
GSE offers the widest selection and highest quality of HDPE and LLDPE geomembranes, geosynthetic clay liners, geonets, geocomposites, nonwoven geotextiles, and concrete protection products.
20   Link   QuakeWrap, Inc.
QuakeWrap, Inc. is a leading designer, supplier and installer of innovative fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) products for the repair and strengthening of structures.
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