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Last Chance for Space Navigator Contest PDF Print E-mail
Written by Randy Post   
Friday, 30 January 2009 08:24

Space Navigator by 3D ConnexiconTime has almost run out for the first giveaway at GeoPrac, a Space Navigator by 3D Connexicon. You have until 11:59PM CST on Saturday January 31 to leave a comment on ANY article or geonews post on the site to be elligible for the drawing. Check out the full rules at the original post.

I was hoping for a little better response to this contest, maybe people are holding out for an iPod or something! I think what is more likely is that people are gunshy of giving out their email address in a comment form. I've said it before, but let me say it again. I don't spam, I'm not collecting email addresses for any purpose, YOUR ADDRESS WON'T EVEN BE DISPLAYED WITH YOUR COMMENT!

So let me issue you a challenge. If you are a regular reader of this blog, or even if you are a random visitor, you probably read at least one post here. And unless you're legally braindead, I'm pretty sure a few synapses were firing. So you must have had some thought or reaction, no matter how seemingly mundane or unimportant. So fire a few more synapses, move your fingers over the keyboard, and put that thought into the comment form and give yourself a chance to win this cool device! 

Not happy with this giveaway? Then leave a comment here and tell me what I should do next time. You'll still be entered to win...if you do win just sell it on Ebay or give it away as a birthday present to someone, I won't be offended! Giveaway - Space Navigator! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Randy Post   
Monday, 29 December 2008 23:54

Space Navigator by 3D Connexicon[Update 2009-01-12] The deadline for this contest has been extended to 11:59PM CST on January 31, 2009. Get your comments in to win the Space Navigator! [/Update]

Announcing the first of what I hope will be many giveaway contests at! The first prize up for grabs is the Space Navigator from 3D Connexicion. Use it to fly through 3D worlds such as Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth, increase productivity in AutoDesk apps or just use it to play Second Life! How can you win? Leave a comment with a valid email address on any GeoNews blog post or Article...even old ones. See full rules and more info on the Space navigator after the break.

Last Updated on Monday, 12 January 2009 13:18