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San Francisco Millennium Tower Has Settled 16 Inches
Misrepresents actual foundation geometry. Photos show deep excavation to ne
New FHWA Soil Nail Manual Addresses LRFD, Hollow Bars
Good evening from Barcelona, Spain. I am witting to you because of I am le
Engineering Geologists vs Geological Engineers vs Geotechnic
Geological engineer from Spain (looking for job smiley geoengineer.martin@gmail
A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On: Center for Geotechnical Mode
Randy, While the UC Davis lab is impressive I believe the USACE Centrifuge

Geoarchaeology is a fascinating field located at the convergence of two scientific disciplines, geology/engineering and archaeology. Aspects of this field include geophysical exploration such as ground penetrating radar, photogeology, magnetometer surveys, satellite image analysis and geographic information systems or GIS.

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1 GPR Used to Locate Possible 'Superhenge' Near Stonehenge Randy Post 2090
2 Radar survey of Egypt's Valley of the Kings opens up new possibilities for lost tomb finds Randy Post 11140
3 LIDAR Helps Locate New England Archaeological Sites Randy Post 7189
4 Police use GPR to investigate possible Jimmy Hoffa burial under Detroit driveway Randy Post 2245
5 GPR used to discover Roman gladiator school in Austria Randy Post 2034
6 Egyptian tombs discovered with infrared satelite imagery Randy Post 13249
7 Help Find Genghis Khan's Tomb From the Comfort of Your Home Randy Post 3906
8 Geology of Ancient Mediterranean Harbors – Studying Sediments for Clues to the Past Randy Post 12770
9 Geotechnical Contractor DBM Digs Up 13,000+ Year Old Mammoth Tusk in Drilled Shaft Excavation Randy Post 7121
10 Crack Monitoring in Ancient Roman Galleries Randy Post 5064
11 Locating the Tomb of Genghis Khan Using Remote Sensing and Geophysics Randy Post 8695
12 Tectonics and Ancient Civilizations Randy Post 11209
13 Drilling to Save Aswan Obelisk Quarry Randy Post 10050
14 Drilling for Origins of Humanity Randy Post 4910
15 Columbus Era Aztec Emperor's Tomb Found with GPR Randy Post 5255
16 World War II Prisoners Tunnels Discovered with GPR Randy Post 5980