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San Francisco Millennium Tower Has Settled 16 Inches
Misrepresents actual foundation geometry. Photos show deep excavation to ne
New FHWA Soil Nail Manual Addresses LRFD, Hollow Bars
Good evening from Barcelona, Spain. I am witting to you because of I am le
Engineering Geologists vs Geological Engineers vs Geotechnic
Geological engineer from Spain (looking for job smiley geoengineer.martin@gmail
A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On: Center for Geotechnical Mode
Randy, While the UC Davis lab is impressive I believe the USACE Centrifuge
Although nobody likes to see a failure, especially a catastrophic one, it is important to learn whatever we can from them so that the geo-community does not make the same mistakes again.
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1 California Narrowly Averts Disaster at Oroville Dam Randy Post 516
2 Tunnel Collapse Caught on Video Randy Post 1057
3 Taiwan Earthquake Investigators Arrest Developer of Collapsed Building Randy Post 1366
4 Florida Pool Pushed Out Of Ground After Heavy Rains Randy Post 2621
5 CRWV Airport Authority, Triad Answer Yeager Airport Landslide Complaint Randy Post 2730
6 Controversy and Finger Pointing in 2014 Landslide in North Salt Lake Randy Post 3340
7 Retaining Wall Collapses in Colorado Springs Randy Post 3849
8 Major Slope Failure at Yeager Airport in West Virginia Randy Post 10365
9 Baltimore landslide: Is it covered? Randy Post 4823
10 Baltimore Retaining Wall Failure Caught on Video Randy Post 6429
11 Developer To Pay Building Owner $3.2 Million For Damage Related to Shoring Randy Post 6072
12 Retaining Wall failure at Ho Ching Yuen, Malaysia Randy Post 14879
13 Rabbits causing landslides on tiny Scottish island Randy Post 6252
14 Video: Foundation drill rig topples and strikes neighboring building Randy Post 27824
15 Tampa Bay Water votes to settle reservoir suit, pay engineers $21 million in legal fees Randy Post 11746
16 Green Bay Span Shored Up as WisDOT Seeks Long-Term Fix Randy Post 5148
17 Video: Tests holes reveal buckled pile, corrosion at Leo Frigo bridge Randy Post 14988
18 Leo Frigo Bridge in Green Bay, Wisconsin Pier Settles Randy Post 13113
19 Ground Freezing proposed to stop radioactive groundwater at Fukushima Nuclear Plant Randy Post 15361
20 Is the Bingham Canyon copper mine landslide the most expensive single mass movement in history? Randy Post 17154
21 Amazing aerial photos of the Bingham Canyon Landslide Randy Post 7326
22 Massive landslide at Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah Randy Post 3005
23 Man swallowed by a Sinkhole in Shenzhen city, China Randy Post 22149
24 Drills break through into busy London rail tunnel Randy Post 3036
25 Waste Slide at a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill in the island of Zakynthos, Greece Randy Post 5360
26 The effect of storm surge on foundations Randy Post 3740
27 A very large engineered slope failure in Malaysia - Bukit Setiawangsa Randy Post 18089
28 Homeowners Can't Nail Builder for Landslide Randy Post 4895
29 Floods undermine pile foundations of building in Newcastle, UK Randy Post 6982
30 Massive Sinkhole in Louisiana's Bayou Corne Randy Post 2759
31 Analysis: Did Design-Build Fail on Route 20 in Oregon? Randy Post 7412
32 Hayward Baker's Emergency Sinkhole Repair, US 24, Colorado Randy Post 7313
33 Jury Returns Verdict for HDR in Lawsuit by Tampa Bay Water Randy Post 13930
34 Fatal retaining wall failure in Austria Randy Post 7924
35 Updated: Tampa Reservoir Failure Lawsuit Heats Up Randy Post 5914
36 Drilled shaft drill rig topples in Toronto, kills 1, injures 5 Randy Post 5154
37 TVA watchdog inspector testifies at spill trial Randy Post 8973
38 Shoring retaining wall failure in Virginia prompts apartment building evacuation Randy Post 30942
39 Drill Rig Showers Debris on Pedestrians, Injuring Two in NY Randy Post 8849
40 No quick fix for huge landslide near Jackson Hole, Wyoming Randy Post 3507
41 Tunneling ground loss sinkhole opens in Beijing street, swallows truck Randy Post 5638
42 Retaining Wall Failure and Rebuild 6041 Randy Post 7761
43 U.K. Company Is Convicted of Manslaughter Over Geologist Death Randy Post 5746
44 Failing Retaining Wall Pushing Building Randy Post 3120
45 Whales in Geomembranes: Stronger than Concrete Randy Post 4662
46 Pile load test accident, dead load topples into street (Video) Randy Post 9276
47 New Zealand Crane Topples In Apparent Bearing Capacity Failure Randy Post 19991
48 Dillon Colorado Road Repairs Ongoing After Retaining Wall Failure Randy Post 4311
49 Coal Mining Company Ordered to pay $21M for Causing Crack in Pennsylvania Dam Randy Post 4615
50 Iowa asks FEMA to reconsider Lake Delhi decision, repair estimate $6M Randy Post 4194
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