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Welcome Newest Sponsor–TerraThane™ / NCFI Polyurethanes! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Randy Post   
Sunday, 06 January 2013 23:21

TerraThane geotechnical polyurethanes by NCFI PolyurethanesNCFI is a U.S. polyurethane manufacturing leader in the supply of high performance polyurethane systems since 1964. Their line of TerraThane™ geotechnical polyurethanes are ideally suited for concrete lifting and leveling, soil stabilization, void fill and erosion control. TerraThane™ is used as a standalone solution to repair sunken concrete slabs, filling voids, stabilizing soils, and in combination with other soil modification techniques. Please join me in thanking them for their support of GeoPrac by reading more about their products and services on their websites – or !  Find more contact info for NCFI on the Our Sponsors page on GeoPrac.

Last Updated on Sunday, 06 January 2013 23:25
Happy Karl Terzaghi’s Birthday 2012! Celebrate with 12 Terzaghi Tweets PDF Print E-mail
Written by Randy Post   
Tuesday, 02 October 2012 00:00

Karl Terzaghi at age 23 (1907) - Credit ASCE PressFirst off, I am truly ashamed.  I had a copy of Karl Terzaghi’s biography by Richard Goodman loaned to me for probably the last year and have yet to read it.  Before I write any more of this blog post, I want to ask my readers to hold me accountable…I will read this book before his next birthday (which will be a nice round 130 years).  Feel free to tweet, email, call or otherwise harass me by next September…just keep it within reason (I’m talking to you, internet nut-jobs).

I am hardly alone in celebrating the anniversary of THE giant in our profession, the father of soil mechanics and in some respects the father of all of us that practice geotechnical engineering.  For the past few years, I’ve felt like I’ve been going back and forth with my friend Robert Thompson at Dan Brown and Associates, not to mention, the G-I and others, trying to not get beat to the punch with the Happy Birthday KT blog post.  I decided to do things a little differently this year, not to try and upstage anyone, but to mix things up and to try to follow through on a promise I made in my last monthly newsletter – to do a better job of engaging my fellow geo-professionals in more of a dialogue on this website, and through social media.

So I have prepared 12 tweets (follow @geoprac) containing miscellaneous facts about Karl Terzaghi, or quotes from him that I found while (hanging head) thumbing through Professor Goodman’s book.  The tweets have already been scheduled to be posted throughout the day to avoid spamming my followers all at once, and to keep you on the edge of your seats!  I knew a few things about him, but I was completely blown away by the extent of his travels, and the brushes he had with history and with famous/infamous people.  I am also continually amazed at how he managed to bring to bear his skills in engineering geology, theory, and his amazing observation on some enormously complicated geotechnical projects.

So I hope you will join me in celebrating a great day for all of us in geo-engineering.  Make sure you follow me @geoprac and share you’re favorite 140 character Terzaghi quotes or info using the hashtag #Terzaghi.  You can also see the Terzaghi Tweets on the Facebook page where you are welcome to share as well.

P.S. – I see Robert has beat me to it again…darn time zone difference.  Well played my friend, well played.

Last Updated on Monday, 01 October 2012 23:32 welcomes new sponsor URETEK ICR PDF Print E-mail
Written by Randy Post   
Monday, 06 February 2012 22:43


I am pleased to welcome our latest sponsor, URETEK ICR, which specializes in concrete lifting and soil stabilization in the industrial, commercial and residential markets with their patened Polymer technology. Thank you to Ty and the rest of the URETEK ICR team for your support!

Calling Geoprofessionals: Survey on Professional Development PDF Print E-mail
Written by Randy Post   
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 07:33

I am participating in ASFE The Geoprofessional Business Association’s Fundamentals of Professional Practice course.  A component of the course is a research project and report, and my topic is the assessment of Golder Associate's technical training and professional development programs.  A component of the report is to compare programs at Golder with those at other firms.

I have prepared a short survey (< 5 minutes) for members of Geoprofessional firms (other than Golder of course).  I am interested in getting responses from all experience levels, from staff engineers to Principals and V.P.s.  All responses will be kept confidential.  An analysis of aggregated responses will also be discussed in a post here on   Fill out this form by 11:59pm on Sunday, December 18, 2011 and you will be entered into a drawing for a $30 gift card.  Thank you so much for your help! And thanks to all who participate!

Take the survey (powered by Google Docs) -

Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering PDF Print E-mail
Written by Randy Post   
Tuesday, 30 August 2011 16:01

Geotechnical sustainability framework

As the authors of the above-titled report note, the ecosystem and the built environment are inextricably linked, and understanding the interdependence of the two is the key to sustainability in geotechnical engineering, and all civil engineering. Although I am curious how they came to this conclusion, they state that geotechnical engineering is "the most resource intensive of all the civil engineering disciplines." Assuming they are correct, this is a sobering thought for all of us as designers. [Editor] Click through for more on sustainability in geotechnical engineering. [/Editor]

Last Updated on Tuesday, 30 August 2011 23:08
UK geotechnical engineer to participate in Rickshaw Dash for charity PDF Print E-mail
Written by Randy Post   
Friday, 22 July 2011 05:26
Andy and Laura and their Rickshaw

Geotechnical engineer Andy Simpson and his girlfriend, Laura Sims, a structural engineer, will be participating in a bizarre 1,300 mile race across India on a 500cc rickshaw. The money they raise will be split between the race charity Frank Water Projects, which funds safe drinking water schemes, and their own chosen charity, Cancer Research UK. They need company sponsors and individual donations to reach their goal. Find out more info and support them if you can at their website. Good luck Andy and Laura! [Source: This is Bath. Image: This is Bath, credit: Lloyd Ellington]

GeoPrac Welcomes Newest Sponsor, Novo Tech Software, Ltd.! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Randy Post   
Monday, 14 March 2011 13:01

Novo Tech Logo

 Novo Tech Software, Ltd. is a geotechnical software company based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  They have an impressive and always expanding collection of geotechnical software products that include:

Thank you to my friends at Novo Tech for your support, and I look forward to a long and successful partnership!


GeoVoices: Education and Training of Geologists; Is Field Camp Still Relevant? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Randy Post   
Monday, 28 February 2011 02:26
The author in Castle Valley, UT near Moab during his geology fieldcamp in 1998

An article in the Winter 2011 AGI GeoSpectrum magazine caught my attention. It was a summary of a discussion on the AIPG LinkedIn group about the importance of a geology fieldcamp in your education. I can't say I was surprised, but one comment caused me a little dissappointment:

Field camp separates us from the engineers.

I think I understand where the comment is coming from, I would probably agree that most civil geotechnical engineers don't have any kind of field geology course, or any kind of field investigation course. But there are many geological engineers out there like me that do have some field background, and it is a tremendous advantage in engineering analysis and design to be trained to look at a site with a more critical eye and try to puzzle out the history and deposition...But I digress. Check out the article for more info. It was nice to see some very passionate comments from my old structural geology professor at the U of A (and one of my favorite all-time professors), George Davis (yep, the George Davis from the Davis and Reynolds Structural Geology textbook). If the direct link below doesn't take you there, scroll down to page 22. [Source: AGI GeoSpectrum January 2011 Issue, Page 22 via Arizona Geology Blog. Image: Randy Post]

Engineering Geologists vs Geological Engineers vs Geotechnical Engineers PDF Print E-mail
Written by Randy Post   
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 21:10

So what’s the difference between Engineering Geologists, Geological Engineers and Geotechnical Engineers?  That’s not the beginning of a geeky joke.  But in most professional circles in this industry, it’s a question where the nuances of the answer seem to be lost on people.  My degrees were in Geological Engineering, but I’ve been practicing as a Geotechnical Engineer for most of my professional career.  But I get called a geologist, geotech, Civil Engineer, dirty guy…and probably some other things behind my back.  I try to explain to people what the differences are, but I’ve struggled over the years to find the right words.

Last Updated on Monday, 21 February 2011 15:15
Rockman is a Daddy again! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Randy Post   
Monday, 21 February 2011 15:30

IMG_0489I’m so happy to report that I’m a Daddy for the third time…and it’s a girl…for the third time as well! Gabby was born on 2/16/2011 and she is just as gorgeous as can be!  I’m taking a little time off from work and from blogging to be at home with the family, but I have stockpiled some nice little Gabby-sized blog entries that I can publish in between diaper changes.  I’ll be back in action (albeit slightly less well rested) soon, and gearing up for the Geo-Frontiers conference in Dallas in mid-March.

IMG_9460    IMG_9447

Last Updated on Monday, 21 February 2011 15:30
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