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Video: Fascinating Geotechnical News in 2016

Our colleagues over at Geoengineer.org put together a great video compiling some of the more interesting stories of 2016 for all of us geotechnical nerds. Check it out! [Source: Geoengineer.org YouTube Channel. Image: YouTube]


Tunnel Collapse Caught on Video

According to the site Geotechpedia, this tunnel failure occurred on November 29, 2016 around 9am (local time?). The tunnel is located in Yusufeli district of Erzurum in northeastern Turkey. It is somehow related to the […]

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Video: DeWind One-Pass Trenching Animation of a Collection Trench

,[Editor] From their video description: [/Editor]DeWind One-Pass Trenchers can install complete DEEP Groundwater Collection Trench Systems in a Single Pass Under the Groundwater Table! No Open Excavations-No Dewatering – No Pumping- No Treating discharge water- […]