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This document is an easy-reading summary of and commentary on the policies included in our Terms of Use, which takes precedence over this document.

Article Copyrights

One of the unique things about (GeoPrac) is that for all of the articles posted on our site, the copyright remains with the author or the original copyright holder. For every article published, we maintain in our files a release form from the article author/contributor stating either that they are the author and have given GeoPrac and the site’s owner, Randy Post (Owner), permission to publish their article, or they have obtained the proper permissions from the original author or owner on behalf of GeoPrac to publish the article. The form can be found in the General category of the Downloads Section.


GeoPrac offers our GeoNews content to users as a free service. The content in this sections is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. The copyright holders are the Owner and the respective author of the content item.

Fair Use 

We have the utmost respect for other people’s intellectual property and copyrights. All of the content we post in these sections adheres to the fair use clause of copyright law. Furthermore, we make every attempt to fully credit the source of our information. For more information on fair use in the electronic age, refer to the  Electronic Frontier Foundation Website .

Reporting Copyright Violations or Abuse

GeoPrac takes all allegations of copyright violations or abuse very seriously. If you beleive any material posted on our site is in violation of copyright laws or there are other issues, please contact us immediately! You can send email to .

Our policy is that immediately upon receiving the allegations of copyright violation or abuse, we will immediately remove the item in question until the issue can be resolved. If the allegations are found to be valid, the item will be permanently removed. If the issue can be resolved to the satisfaction of all involved parties, we will republish the item.