Bentley Consolidates Geotechnical Software Under Seequent

Bentley Consolidates Geotechnical Software Under Seequent

Bently has moved all of its geotechnical software under the Seequent brand, including PLAXIS, OpenGround, and GeoStudio. Bently Systems acquired the geo-software company Seequent in June of 2021. Seequent is known for its geo-data management and 3D subsurface modeling tools such as Leapfrog, Oasis montaj, Imago core imaging, and some industry-specific software for mining, oil and gas, geothermal, and geophysics.

Since the acquisition, Seequent has retained its brand and identity and operated as a standalone business unit continuing to focus on subsurface data management and analysis. Their vision of breaking down communication barriers and inefficiencies when working with subsurface data is great news for geotechnical practitioners as this synergy will enable stronger connections between data management and modeling tools such as Leapfrog and OpenGround with analysis tools such as PLAXIS and GeoStudio.

More information can be found in the Seequent press release, or on their website –

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