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A Rare Film of Terzaghi, Casagrande, and Others

GeoEngineer.org has gotten a hold of a rare video showing Karl Terzaghi on an outing with his wife Ruth Terzaghi, as well as Arthur Casagrande, Friedrich (Fritz) Schaffernak, Philipp Forchheimer, and some additional family members. […]

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Happy Karl Terzaghi’s Birthday, 2016

Every second of October, geotechnical engineers around the world remember Karl Terzaghi on his birthday! Terzaghi is the father of soil mechanics, and I don’t think it is cliche to say he is also the […]

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Happy Karl Terzaghi’s Birthday 2014!

It’s October 2 again, and today would have been Karl Terzaghi’s 131st birthday. As I was reflecting on Terzaghi and some of his quotes, I was reading a passage from Professor’s Goodman’s biography1 that described […]

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2014 Terzaghi Lecture – Carlos Santamarina

Dr. Carlos Santamarina of Georgia Tech. presented the 2014 Terzaghi Lecture at Geo-Congress 2014 entititled ‘Energy Geotechnology: Enabling New Insights Into Soil Behavior’. From the You-Tube summary: Energy is critical to life, and the coming […]