Guidelines for Authors

This document covers guidelines for posting in the GeoNews, Journal Watch and GeoLinks sections. You can find more information on posting content in the Articles section at our Guidelines for Writing Articles page. 

Submission of GeoNews Entries

What constitutes GeoNews?

First thing’s first, what kinds of things should be posted in the GeoNews Section? Here are some ideas, but it’s by no means a complete list.

  • Project, geo-company, industry, or relevant agency news, with a link back to the source if applicable and appropriate. These items can be regional, national or international. Just be sure to explain where it applies. If it’s not noted, we will assume it’s specific to the USA.
  • Project snapshots with a link to a more detailed project webpage
  • Highlighting and linking to related content on other websites catering to our industries
  • Notes on software updates for industry-specific software
  • Press releases from companies relevant to the field
  • We also use this section to post items related to the GeoPrac site itself.

Who can submit and what is the process?

The answer is any registered user who requests author status. To request author privileges, send an email or personal message to Randy Post (the site’s founder). Once you hear back from him, simply login to GeoPrac, and click on "My Content / Submit Content" under the user menu. Your item will need to be approved by one of our volunteer editors prior to going live, it’s nothing personal, we just don’t want any spam to make it onto the site or anything that might land you or us in legal hot water.

What about Copyrights?

Good question. As we explain on our copyright page, we only allow GeoNews entries that abide by the fair use clause of the Copyright Act. An excellent overview of this issue is located at the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s website.

Your posts will be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. The joint copyright holders will be you and’s owner, Randy Post. If you have something to post, but want more control of the copyright, consider writing an article. 

There are a lot of boxes and buttons, what do I do?

Hopefully the editor is fairly intuitive to use. We are currently working on a video tutorial series to help our members get familiar with the authoring interface and process. In the meantime, contact us with any questions.

Submission of GeoLinks

What links can I submit?

As long as they are relevant, any site can be added to our link directory. If possible, we appreciate a reciprocal link back to GeoPrac somewhere on your site.

Who can submit links?

Unlike GeoNews and Articles which require special author privileges to be granted to the user by an administrator, any registered user of GeoPrac can post a weblink. We reserve the right to reject any links that are off-topic, spam or at our sole discretion. Refer to our Legal / Terms of Service page.

Submission of Articles

Details on submission of articles can be found on the Guidelines for Writing Articles page.