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  • Tank Town USA!
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    Geosynthetic manufacturer, Tensar, has a new promotional video featuring Beau, the King of the Road. And he has an interesting way of demonstrating the effectiveness of their geogrid product…using a tank!  To celebrate the launch of their new video, they are [...]
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    Webinar: Scheduling Reports and Analysis in HoleBASE SI – October 13th

    More and more of Keynetix’ customers are using the electronic scheduling tool in HoleBASE SI.  Although the tool is easy to use there are a number of considerations that should be made when communicating your schedule to your laboratory and [...]
  • Excavation shoring retaining wall failure in Rome swallows 6 cars

    Shoring Wall Fails in Rome, Swallows 6 Cars

    A shoring retaining wall at a Rome construction site failed at around 5:30 pm local time on February 14, 2018, and swallowed 6 parked cars from the adjacent street and required evacuation of some 20 families.  The incident occurred in [...]
  • Geologic Hazards

    Italian Church Survives Massive Rockfall

    A 5,000 cubic meter rockfall is seen on cell phone video enveloping a 420 year old Italian church in dust, but the church and its bell tower miraculously escaped serious damage.  The Santuario di Gallivaggio (Sanctuary of Gallivaggio), close to the [...]
  • Hayward Baker’s iconic calendar comes to life with augmented reality app
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    Hayward Baker’s Iconic Calendar Comes to Life With Augmented Reality App

    Hanover, Md., July 3, 2018 – Hayward Baker, Inc., North America’s leader in geotechnical construction, releases Geotech Solutions. Geotech Solutions is the first augmented reality (AR) app to be developed by a geotechnical construction firm. The app features innovative augmented [...]
  • Geotechnical BIM Can Lead to Better Engineering

    The wider benefits of geotechnical BIM

    Using BIM can save geotechnical specialists tens of thousands of dollars a year but these savings can pale into insignificance, when compared with the additional costs that can arise if a ground-related problem is discovered during construction. This is just [...]

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