DBM Contractors, Inc. Announces Management Succession Plan

SEATTLE — Michael Murphy, chairman of the DBM Contractors, Inc. board and managing director, announced DBM’s management succession plan. “It is important to note that the succession plan is designed to foster our commitment to our family of employees, our mission statement, and our clients. Maybe it gets a little touchy feely but it also honors the legacy of Don and Helen Murphy’s view of a successful family oriented company, rewarding the growing talent within the organization,” said Murphy.

Todd Jarvis, current CFO, will become the new president and CEO in the fall of 2014. Current president, Tom Armour, will initially continue his mentorship of Jarvis. Tom will remain with the company as executive vice president, project/product development, developing and managing project leads, leading product research and development as well as continuing with DBM’s Board management. The balance of the management team will remain including: Paul Groneck P.E. executive vice president/COO; Jim Sexton, construction manager, John Bickford, project/product development manager; Craig Henke, general superintendent; Mick Martinson, planning/purchasing manager; and Steve Stylos, contracts/risk manager.

Armour began his career with DBM in 1994 as business development manager and became president in 1997 and during his tenure the company has seen a five-fold increase in the company’s annual income and book value. “It is the proper time for me to step down and allow Todd and our team the opportunity to continue to grow our business model” stated Armour. “I am proud of the accomplishments we have achieved over the last twenty years and look forward to continuing to see the quality growth of our staff and operation.”Jarvis was hired in 1991 and became DBM’s CFO in 2004.

About DBM

In 1949 William Ostruske Sr. founded the company that would later become DBM Contractors, Inc. The company now concentrates in specialty geotechnical construction and design/build heavy civil construction, emphasizing drilled foundation support, earth retention, slope stabilization, ground improvement, and dewatering. DBM is headquartered in Federal Way, Wash. with a regional office in Vancouver, Wash and Salt Lake City, Utah. The company works on projects throughout the western United States including Hawaii and Alaska.