Shoring Wall Fails in Rome, Swallows 6 Cars

Excavation shoring retaining wall failure in Rome swallows 6 cars

A shoring retaining wall at a Rome construction site failed at around 5:30 pm local time on February 14, 2018, and swallowed 6 parked cars from the adjacent street and required evacuation of some 20 families.  The incident occurred in the Italian capital’s Baldunia neighborhood, between via Livio Andronico and via Lattanzio.  There are no details yet on what caused the collapse.  But an ABC news article mentions that the failure occurred in the same area where a sinkhole formed in late January “after reports of a significant water leak” making water a likely culprit.  Monitoring of the remaining excavation has been undertaken and the local prosecutor is opening up an investigation into the incident.

Source: Rome sinkhole swallows cars and evacuates buildings | Daily Mail Online