Updated – DFI Committee Looking for Soil Nail Data

[Update 2008-06-25 8am] I saw somewhere that they were looking for this info by July 1, but I don’t know where. I couldn’t find a deadline on the DFI Committee page. Maybe they erased it. [/Update]

The Tiebacks & Soil Nailing Committee of the Deep Foundations Institute is collecting data on soil nail wall performance. From the Tiebacks & Soil Nailing Committee page:

A request for information has been distributed to all DFI members, academia and various other industry members.  Information being sought includes typical project, geotechnical and wall geometry information, design and analysis methods and software, construction and monitoring duration, settlement and lateral deformation data, and nail strain gauge data.  Click here to download the PDF form to enter your project’s information to the committee for compilation and analysis.