Novo Tech Software Offers New gINT-Compatible Geotechnical Tools

Novo Tech Software

Novo Tech Software

New gINT Developer Partner Products Help with SPT and 3D Visualization

North Vancouver, BC, Canada – September 14, 2009 – Novo Tech Software

Novo Tech, a Vancouver-based geotechnical software developer, is pleased to announce that it has become a gINT Software Developer Partner. Kicking off this new developer partnership, Novo Tech’s newly released tools, NovoSPT, NovoLiq and Vislog, will officially become add-ons to gINT within the coming weeks.

Novo Tech’s NovoSPT product is designed for correlating Standard Penetration Test (SPT) blow counts to geotechnical soil properties such as friction angle, relative density, pile and shallow footing’s bearing capacity, liquefaction CRR, shear wave velocity, modulus of elasticity and more. Once it becomes a gINT add-in, users who have prepared borehole logs using gINT will no longer need to enter SPT data manually into NovoSPT, they will simply choose the new feature – "Import from gINT files" and be provided with a list of all boreholes from the project file that is selected.

Similarly, Novo Tech’s VisLog and NovoLiq products will offer users the ability to import borehole information directly from gINT. Vislog uses this data to generate an impressive three-dimensional interactive view of the subsurface layers. NovoLiq offers liquefaction analysis, utilizing the most up-to-date methods.

"gINT Software is an impressive geotechnical software company with a great brand, reputation and management team,” says Saeed Otufat-Shamsi, Chief Executive Officer, Novo Tech Software Ltd. "We are excited to be able to offer our solutions to gINT Software’s customers. Our software tools will be fully integrated with the gINT suite of products via add-ons to ensure seamless transition from gINT database to our software products such as NovoSPT, NovoLiq, and Vislog. At Novo Tech Software, we offer not only the benefits of our geotechnical software tools but superior customer service to all of our clients. This partnership will allow both companies to better serve the needs of geotechnical engineering industry worldwide."

gINT Software is equally pleased with the new relationship. “We are very happy to have Novo Tech as our newest developer partner “says Cheryl Steets, Chief Operating Officer of gINT Software. “Novo Tech’s commitment to create software that is technically comprehensive, backed by knowledgeable support staff, is line with gINT philosophy. We have been impressed with what we have seen, and we expect a bright future working together with Novo Tech.”

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