Dataforensics announces SaaS pricing structure for Construction QA/QC Data Management System – PQC

Norcross, GA, December 2011 – Dataforensics, developer of software for geotechnical data collection and analysis, is pleased to announce new pricing available for PQC, the complete web-based construction quality assurance/quality control data management software. With Dataforensics’ new pricing, your company can utilize the web-based PQC system to collect, manage and report your field density testing data and concrete testing data for $0.25 per test and field reports for less than $1 per report.

Introducing the PQC Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing model:
Given the current economic conditions, we at Dataforensics realize that large upfront capital expenditures for software are not appealing these days, but the need for powerful data management tools for Construction QA/QC still exists. Therefore we are making PQC available to users at extremely low cost and significantly reduced upfront costs using SaaS pricing.

Dataforensics will setup Density Test and Concrete Test reports for an initial setup fee and will host the website and database on a web server based out of Atlanta, GA. Your company will be billed each month for all tests performed using PQC. Density Tests and Concrete Specimens are billed at the cost of only $0.25 per test and documents loaded into the Daily Field Reports module will be billed at only $0.95 per document.

 “We are excited about the new SaaS pricing model for the PQC system. It addresses the upfront cost issue which is a significant hurdle that many companies encounter in trying to deploy enterprise geotechnical data management systems. Pricing the software with such a low cost of entry will revolutionize the construction quality control process, allowing small and midsize companies to more effectively compete with larger companies by: increasing organizations efficiency while reducing cost through automation, improving data quality, decreasing turnaround time to clients, reporting data in multiple forms, and facilitating better service by using advanced technology. Dataforensics clients already using the system have reported increased customer satisfaction by being able to provide draft reports the same day of testing and approved reports within 24 hours of testing. We look forward to empowering other organizations to better meet their clients’ needs while reducing their internal costs.” said Scott Deaton, President of Dataforensics.

About Dataforensics

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