Dataforensics announces the release of Rapid CPT version 4 with gINT Security Tool and Dataforensics Coordinate Conversion Tools

Norcross, GA, November 2011 – Dataforensics, developer of software for geotechnical data collection and analysis, is pleased to announce the release of RAPID CPT version 4 with the optional Dataforensics Coordinate Conversion Tool and Dataforensics gINT Security Tool modules. Many capabilities have been added for version 4 such as new data importers, new correlations, and new analysis capabilities.

Coordinate Conversion Tool: Dataforensics Coordinate Conversion tool allows users to quickly convert between Latitude/Longitude and Projected Coordinate systems within gINT. This ensures you can plot your data in the appropriate x-y location and maintain an accurate record of its location in projected coordinates (state plane, UTM, etc). The conversion utility makes it easy to manage the conversion process without the need of 3rd party software.

gINT Security Tool: Dataforensics gINT Security Tool enables users to customize permissions and user interface (UI) by user roles or by project purpose. It enables users to simplify the gINT interface for groups of users (roles) so they are not overwhelmed by all the complexities of gINT and your custom gINT configuration. It also includes the ability to lock records prohibiting editing once they have been reviewed except by users with the appropriate permission level. The new Dataforensics gINT Security tool allows for greater control over reading, writing and deleting data within gINT. It ensures your data is accessed by the appropriate people at the appropriate time during your business process and your data is not changed once it has been reviewed.

 “We are excited about Dataforensics new product offerings that address two significant problems our clients often describe related to gINT: plotting fence diagrams when the only coordinates I have are latitude and longitude and preventing users from modifying the data in gINT once it has been reviewed.” said Scott Deaton, President of Dataforensics.

About Dataforensics

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