Datgel’s CPT Tool 3 places advanced reporting capabilities directly in the hands of geotechnical engineers

Sydney, Australia – 21 August, 2012 – Datgel today announces the launch of CPT Tool 3 gINT add-on, the third-generation of its category-defining CPT reporting tool which places advanced reporting and analysis capabilities directly in the hands of geotechnical engineers with an array of formula configurations and report generation options unmatched in cone penetration testing.

CPT 3 is the most flexible CPT software available and ensures geotechnical engineers can have custom reporting with rich-data visualisation in any situation, adapting reporting output quickly and cost-effectively as user-requirements change to meet new conditions across locations and projects.

“In developing CPT Tool 3, our focus has been on automation and user control,” says Datgel Managing Director Phil Wade.

“Version 3 gives geotechnical engineers faster access to the exact information they need to be effective, defining their own calculations and report parameters by leveraging peerless formula-creation tools in CPT Tool 3 to write formulas for gINT without having to develop lines of complex VBA code.”

User-definable features include a library of more than 300 customisable log, graph and fence reports that can be modified to capture unique requirements on the day. The ability to create and store a repository of user-defined calculations and reports within the system can be utilized to create a dynamic workflow over time for highly efficient CPT data processing.

CPT Tool 3 sets a new level of productivity in report generation according to Wade.

“Reporting is streamlined with multithread calculations, dissipation tests, derived parameters, six soil behaviour type (SBT) interpretation methods and more than 100 preconfigured correlations including liquefaction that all take the burden of creating complex calculations off the end-user.”

Client feedback from version 2 has been taken into account including requests for English units, liquefaction and pile analysis.

“It’s important that geotechnical engineers focus their highly specialized skills on analysis and interpretation,” says Wade. “CPT Tool 3 takes clients beyond having to wrestle with 100’s of Excel spreadsheets while delivering superior presentation of the essential and critical data they need. Reporting capabilities include being able to compare borehole logs, lab results and CPT data in the same gINT database – unheard of until now.”

CPT Tool 3 is built for speed and ensuring data integrity. High-volume data processing is catered for with secure, centralized data storage that facilitates robust data retrieval and analysis and a single point of control for sharing across disparate geographical sites. CPT Tool 3 also encourages the re-use of stored data, whether for benchmarking, extended testing or comparison with other data sets and re-interpretation – in short, treating data as an asset.

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