Pit Slope Failure in Turkish Marble Quarry

Pit slope failure in marble quarry in Turkey

A spectacular landslide/pit slope failure was caught on video in a marble quarry in the Orhaneli district of Bursa. The failure happened on March 13, 2019 (as far as I can tell), and fortunately, there were no injuries or casualties. One piece of equipment can be seen being buried by massive blocks of marble. But apparently, there were initial signs of movement in the morning and quarry officials were able to evacuate employees before the failure shown in the video occurred closer to noon the same day.

Unfortunately, I can’t find this video anywhere on a video service that I can embed on the site here. You will have to view the video on my LinkedIn post. It was brought to my attention by Jim Withiam, Editor of GeoStrata magazine and a good friend to GeoPrac. Also thanks to other LinkedIn connections, Vanessa Bateman and Dr. Kim Altınkaynak for sharing the video originally and a link to the CNN Turkey article about the failure, respectively.