Golder Celebrates Retirement of Rock Mechanics Legend Ted Brown

Ted Brown and Evert Hoek, creators of the Hoek-Brown failure criterion.
Ted Brown and Evert Hoek, creators of the Hoek-Brown failure criterion.

Geological engineers around the world recognize the name Ted Brown who, along with Dr. Evert Hoek, developed the Hoek-Brown failure criterion for characterizing the strength of heavily jointed rock masses.  Brown recently turned 80 and also marked his official retirement as a senior consultant at Golder.  His career spanned more than 55 years and included international experience as a researcher, teacher, consultant, and writer on rock mechanics.

“It has been a privilege to have worked with Ted for over 30 years and watch a true scholar at work,” said Robert Morphet, Principal Engineering Geologist/Hydrogeologist at Golder in Australia. “Ted contributed to solving some of our clients’ biggest challenges and, in doing so, to the development of many specialists within Golder. His expertise is imprinted in our technical excellence and in our next generation of rock mechanics experts.”

There is an excellent summary of Brown’s career and the colloquium held in his honor to celebrate his retirement at Golder’s website (Celebrating a rock mechanics legend).  Congratulations to Ted on an inspiring career and we wish him all the best in his retirement!

Photo: Golder.

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