Complex 3D Analysis for Stuttgart High-Rise

3D model of basement excavation support for Tower on Milan Square in Stuttgart, courtesy of Ground Engineering magazine

A unique scenario where developer, engineer, contractor, and specialty geotechnical contractor all worked for the same parent company is one key to the success of a complicated shoring project for the Tower on Milan Square building in Stuttgart, Germany. The project site included excavating adjacent to an existing road tunnel, a district heating pipeline, two light-rail tunnels, and the basement wall of a city library.

A complex 3D analysis was undertaken using Bentley Systems software, including Plaxis 3D. The 3D model was critical to ensure that ground anchors avoided the existing facilities, including utilities and tunnels. The shoring design was performed by the geotechnical engineers of Ed Züblin, the general contractor for the project. There are more details in the Ground Engineering article (may require a subscription).

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