celebrates another anniversary!
Rockman's Ramblings Celebrates 7th Anniversary! celebrates another anniversary!7 years ago today, I wrote my first post for! It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for that long. I am grateful for all of the visitors, twitter followers, supporters, and of course sponsors that have made it possible for me to share high-quality news and articles for geoprofessionals. I look forward to another great 7 years.

Last year I highlighted a few of my favorite articles and blog posts. This year, I thought I would just go by the numbers to see what the most popular articles and posts have been over the years. Check it out.

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John Bachner celebrates his 40th anniversary with ASFE/GBA
Comings and Goings

Bachner Honored for 40+ Years of Service

John Bachner celebrated his 40th anniversary with ASFE: The Geoprofessional Business Association. He has worked tirelessly during that time to help geoprofessionals with the softer side of our business, including improving our writing, understanding contracts […]

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Happy 6th Anniversary GeoPrac!

Six years ago today I officially launched the website! It’s been my honor to try to serve my fellow geoprofessionals over that time, providing news and articles in a format unlike any other site on the internet.  I want to take this opportunity to thank all the folks who have contributed content, provided feedback or otherwise helped over the years.  I would also like to thank all of my sponsors.  Their support compensates me for the considerable time and energy I pour into the site.  And of course, thank you to all of my readers and subscribers!

I thought it would be fun to look back at some of my favorite posts and articles over the years.  Some of them are contributed and some I wrote. So join me on a trip down memory lane and read on!

[…] turns two! Geology cake stratigraphy by Khol-y (Flickr) after original design by Tim Babb.
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GeoPrac Turns Two! is now well into its toddler years! Today marks the second anniversary of the site. The past year has seen a major upgrade to the content management system, a new design, Geothreads, Delicious geotech, […]

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GeoPrac Turns One!

I can hardly believe it, but today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of GeoPrac! It has been a good ride so far, things haven’t exactly gone quite like I planned, but when has that ever happened? I’m grateful to all of the visitors who frequent the site and particularly to the people who have contributed an article or geonews item. I intend to do a wrapup of the most popular articles/news items of Q1 2008 and a "state of the union" type post with some thoughts about where I intend to take the site in the coming year. But I’ve just been out of gas with the newborn in the house. I’ll try to get to it this weekend.

Here’s to a good first year and many more to come! Cheers!

— Randy (Rockman)

(Cake photo…and actual cake by Khol-y after an original T-Shirt design by Tim Babb. Thanks to Rock Bandit for finding the photo)