Happy 6th Anniversary GeoPrac!

Favorite Articles

  • For those geotechnical engineers in the transportation sector, the 2007 AASHTO Code was a major change, moving from allowable stress design to load and resistance factor design (LRFD).  My former boss, Naresh Samtani has been at the forefront of the adoption of the code, and was kind enough to contribute two LRFD articles – LRFD for Geotech  – Note 1 and LRFD for Geotech – Note 2.
  • Another former colleague and a former professor of mine for foundation engineering, Ed Nowatzki, contributed a fantastic article entitled “The Ultimate Geotechnical Engineering Challenge” about his work on the geotechnical aspects of the NASA Apollo lunar module or LM.
  • Another great contributed article came from Robert Cummings on the topic of Aesthetic Blasting for highway slopes.
  • Some of my favorite projects that I’ve worked on over the years have involved side-hill retaining walls.  I wrote a two-part article sharing my experiences with these types of retaining walls, including investigation and analysis methods and a breakdown of possible wall types and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Check out Side Hill Retaining Walls Part 1 and Side Hill Retaining Walls Part 2.

Favorite Blog Posts

I could go on, and I know there is a lot of content here and it would be impossible to read all of these items, but I hope you discover something interesting that you haven’t read before on GeoPrac.  If you find even one article or post to read, that would be the best way I can think of to celebrate this anniversary!


  1. Happy Birthday GeoPrac! Love the “cake” graphic. Congratulations, Randy!

  2. It’s been great to see your site grow because we all know how hard you’ve work and the time spent making it a great site. Congrats and here’s to another 6 years!;)

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