Subsea piling frame from LDD
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Subsea Piling Frames – StabFRAME

A new piece of equipment for deep ocean pile driving was recently used in 140m of water off the coast of Brazil. The StabFRAME is lowered to the sea floor and leveled to allow accurate […]

Landslide hits ambulance - from
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Landslide Videos from Brazil

Landslide hits ambulance - from LiveLeak.comDr. Dave has posted links to a few scary landslide videos from the recent heavy rains affecting the Santa Catarina province of Brazil. This latest one shows an ambulance being swept off a road by a “small” landslide. The ease with which the vehicle is moved is quite impressive. It didn’t appear that anyone was injured in this particular landslide but I’m sure there might have been some underwear changing involved. Elsewhere in the region people have not been so lucky and there is a heavy death toll. Click through for two videos.