Installation of Geokon vibrating wire crackmeter in Roman Galleries beneath Lisbon, Portugal

Crack Monitoring in Ancient Roman Galleries

I came across an interesting case study involving the installation of several vibrating wire crack monitors and data collection equipment at the 1st century B.C. to 1st century A.D., Roman built galleries beneath Lisbon, Portugal. […]

Software Updates

Geokon Demos New Vista Data Vision Site Monitoring Software

Geokon has a new demo site for their implementation of Vista Data Vision software. It uses real data from a bridge monitoring project but the identity of the bridge has been witheld. The company uses the third party software to provide real-time data and alerts from their dataloggers for a variety of site monitoring applications, including tiltmeters, strain gauges, extensometers, pressure transducers and more. Check out their newsletter for instructions on how to use the demo site if you have trouble. (Screen capture credit: Geokon)