30+ Years of Dips Software Development

Screenshot from an early DOS version of Dips

Engineering geologists and geological engineers are likely familiar with the stereonet software, Dips, by Rocscience. It is a great tool for plotting orientations of geological data from borehole or surface data. It’s hard to believe that this software started over 30 years ago in 1988! Rocscience recently posted a nice summary of the development of the Dips program, beginning with the first DOS versions. The end of the article notes that the latest improvement coming out this month is a Dips import wizard:

April 2021 will see a new Dips Import Wizard. With these features, users will easily be able to import any columnized Excel data into Dips Traverse Information and Grid Data, append or overwrite imported data to existing Dips document. The versatile import settings for import of generalized column, row, and the sheet would be able to format over 1 or more Excel files at a time. Users will also be able to save and manage import settings as a template to quickly import Excel data of the same format.