Rockscience Releases Settle3D Software


The interface allows for surface loading and geometries to be drawn in three dimensions. The output looks nice with contours of settlement and 3-dimensional views of increased stress in a given layer, and plots of settlement over time.


A couple of early notes based on their product data sheet and other online information:

  • The layout of the problem may be in 3D as are the computation of increase in stress at depth due to surface loads. But the but the calculation of displacements and porewater pressures is performed in one dimension.
  • Stress distribution can be calculated based on Boussinesq theory or 2:1 method.
  • The materials can be modeled as linearly elastic, nonlinearly elastic, Janbu, or with time-dependent (consolidation) properties.
  • Accounts for primary consolidation and secondary compression
  • Can model wick drains to speed up consolidation settlement
  • Ability to evaluate staged construction and groundwater conditions

Visit Rockscience’s website for more info and documentation.