Utah Geologic Hazards Group Finishes Report

As we mentioned in a previous post, the State of Utah had experienced several slope failures in approved, permitted subdivisions. Those failures prompted the governor to form the Geologic Hazards Working Group (GHWG) to evaluate how the permit process needed to be changed in geologic hazard prone areas and how state and other government agencies could help.

According to the Utah Geologic Survey, the GHWG has completed their report and it was presented to the governor on September 25. Here is a summary of their recommendations:

In summary, the GHWG recommends that (1) local governments adopt, implement, and enforce ordinances that effectively address geologic hazards, (2) developers’ consultants objectively assess geologic hazards in pre-development geologic-hazards reports and recommend prudent actions to reduce risks, and the reports be reviewed by professionals acting on behalf of local governments, and (3) developer’s consultants inspect, monitor, and provide final documentation, with local government oversight, that site grading and development conform to specifications.

 You can download the full PDF report here.