BMC Gulf Successfully Completes A Dh12 Million Jumeirah Vehicular Tunnel Waterproofing Project

The UAE based company, is one of the leading waterproofing contractors in the Mena region. It is involved in some of the region’s biggest and most sensitive projects. The company specialises in environmental, industrial and private projects, including waterproofing and has professionally trained staff to handle jobs requiring specialised know-how, materials and installation techniques.

Dipl. Engineer Fouad Ashkar, Managing Partner of BMC Gulf, said: "It is reassuring to see that BMC Gulf has added another feather to their cap by completing this major project. The waterproofing system, designed and executed by BMC Gulf Contracting involved the installation, welding and testing of a high density polyethylene (HDPE) membrane from AGRU Austria. The 2mm thick membrane constitutes the main line of defense against sea water ingress into the Tunnel structure. The choice of a suitable material, a critical aspect of the whole system and its performance, was based on the membrane’s high puncture resistance, its high elongation factor and its chemical and UV resistance. I congratulate our engineering and installation team on their outstanding performance and the successful completion of this prestigious project."

Reda Ashkar, Asst General Manager of the company, added: "The Palm Jumeirah Vehicular Tunnel is one of our latest projects to be completed and is the first of its kind in the Middle East region. We are proud to have completed it within the stipulated time and especially that the system is performing to our fullest satisfaction. The tunnel is the only connection for vehicles between the Palm Island and the crescent surrounding it and has a length of 1,400m, a width of 38m and a height of 9m. The lowest point at its center is 30m under sea water level."

The tunnel is an assembly of 40 segments, having four compartments each. Every compartment is waterproofed to prevent any potential leakage from spreading across the structure. All compartments are connected by external HDPE water-Stops with strong ribs deeply embedded into the concrete. Four additional defense lines were used to secure the water tightness of the tunnel including internal PVC water-stops, Ultra swellable seals from ADEKA, and re-injectable PVC hoses from SIKA.

Once the installation of the waterproofing system was completed, a non-woven geotextile layer was used to protect it from damages that might have occurred to the membrane during backfilling works around the tunnel. All of the above materials were provided and professionally installed by BMC Gulf Contracting LLC.

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The company offers a full range of services including design, engineering and construction technology using the latest techniques. To mention a few, the company’s range of activities includes supply and installation of geosynthetic materials with emphasis on geomembrane liners. BMC Gulf has also introduced the usage of other geosynthetic products such as geotextiles, geogrids & geonets for soil stabilization and drainage applications. These products complement the liners in such ways as to stabilize the soil on which the liners are to be laid, especially in applications such as landfills for municipal, oil and house waste. Shore line protection, waste landfills, concrete treatment and injection are also applications where BMC Gulf ( is capable of providing turnkey design, supervision and installation services.