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Rockman's Ramblings Facelift

As you can probably tell, there have been a few cosmetic and behind the scenes changes to the website. Rest assured it is still one of the premier sites for news and articles related to geotechnical engineering, geological engineering and engineering geology. But the software that runs the site was in dire need of upgrades, both for security and ease of maintenance. The new look was a byproduct of those upgrades (long story).

There are going to be some growing pains with the upgrades, including some broken links and other glitches. I appreciate your patience as I work to sort them out and I ask you to do me a favor, and if you come accross a problem, drop me a note – . If you’re interested in more details about the new site, click through.


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Rockman's Ramblings

New Feature – GeoThreads

I made a conscious decision when creating to NOT include a forum or bulletin board. I feel that with my technical skills and using one of the excellent open source products out there I […]