Special Features

Besides the news and articles that we publish here on GeoPrac, there are a few other items that don’t fit in any of the other menus.  We refer to these gems as “Special Features”.


In the Downloads section, look for things like PDF copies of articles, Google Earth KML and KMZ files, excel spreadsheets and VBA code, copyright forms for GeoPrac authors/contributors and other miscellaneous downloads.


With the new GeoThreads feature on GeoPrac.net, you can view the forum threads on topics such as foundation engineering, slope stability, site investigations, geophysics, laboratory testing, retaining walls and more right here in one place. Quickly scan the thread title and a short introduction to find items that interest you and jump directly into the thread at the forums at Geoengineer.org, Eng-Tips.com or other related sites to view the full post and subsequent replies!