Problems with Comment Forms Now Fixed

I’ve told a few people this before, it seems like every time I try to fix something on this site, I break two more things. The latest casualty: The forms to add comments to GeoNews posts and Articles. They seems to be working again, but it obviously put a damper on the Space Navigator giveaway. So for that reason, I’ll be extending the deadline for the contest until just before midnight (CST) on January 31, 2009. My apologies to anyone who tried to leave a comment only to have nothing happen! We would love to have your feedback, please try it again!

Thanks to Ryan Portman for sending me an email about the problem and for his comment on Wal-Mart’s Geotechnical Investigation Specifications. That’s the beautiful thing about tapping into the community of GeoPrac readers, there is so much collective knowledge out there, don’t hesitate to share yours with the rest of us! Ryan is now entered to win the Space Navigator, don’t forget to get your name in the hat by leaving a comment on one of the news posts or articles!

On a side note, if you want to see your photo next to your comment, or you are curious about how GeoPrac handles comments, check out our Commenting on Posts page. Oh, and don’t be shy about sending me an email if you notice any other problems.