Side Hill Retaining Walls – Part 1

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In Part 2 of this article, I’ll examine the various wall alternatives that you might consider for a side-hill retaining wall. These include Fill Slopes or Embankments, Reinforced Soil Slopes (RSS), Gabion Wall / Gravity Wall, Cast-in-Place Concrete Wall (CIP Wall), Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall (MSE Wall), Soldier Pile – Lagging Wall (SPL Wall), Tangent or Secant Pile Wall, Sheet Pile Wall, Micropile Wall, CIP Wall on Piles or Shafts, Chemically Stabilized Wall (Ground Improvement), CIP Wall with Lightweight Fill, Geofoam, Anchored Walls or Tie-Back Walls, Shored MSE Walls (SMSE Wall), Hybrid Soil-nail / Geofoam Wall and a Simply-Supported Slab (Conceptual).

April 2, 2009: Part 2 of Side-Hill Retaining Walls: An Overview and Alternatives is now available.