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NAVFAC DM 7.1 Gets 2022 Refresh

Nearly every geotechnical engineer has referred to the venerable 1986 NAVFAC DM 7.1 Manual on Soil Mechanics. There are numerous useful charts, correlations, tables, and equations for a variety of geotechnical challenges, which is probably […]

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Geolegends Interview: Wayne Clough

The Geo-Institute of ASCE has a fantastic YouTube series called Geolegends where they interview the titans of our geoprofession. Their latest in the series is an interview with Dr. G. Wayne Clough. You might be […]

Humboldt Nuclear Density Gauge app
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New App for Nuclear Gauge Testing

Humbolt has released a Nuclear Gauge App to allow you to capture nuclear density gauge test results using your phone. The app works using QR codes generated on the Humboldt EZ-2 Nuclear Gauge. You can […]