Oregon digital geologic map interface
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Oregon Releases Online Geologic Map Interface

At the end of last month, the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) issued this press release describing their new online interface for their statewide digital geologic map. The online version only covers […]

Monte Carlo Simulation in Excel using VBA

VBA and Excel for Engineers and Scientists – Part 3

Monte Carlo Simulation in Excel using VBAIn this third and final installment of the popular VBA and Excel for Engineers and Scientists series, we will look at one of the most important techniques for extending Excel with VBA, the Range Object. I’ll show you the best way to refer to single cells, multiple cells, how to get values from them and put values back into ranges using the VBA. And we’ll program up a simple Monte Carlo Simulation example and lastly we’ll look at how to read and write to text files and to manipulate files and folders in Windows.


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UC Berkley GeoEngineering Lectures on YouTube

UC Berkley has a bunch of lectures online, including three geoengineering themed ones. It appears that they were all from lectures given as a part of the 27th Annual GeoEngineering Distinguished Lecture Series on May 8, 2009. So if you have an hour plus to kill per lecture (and I haven’t yet), you can check out one of the following.