Oregon Releases Online Geologic Map Interface

Oregon digital geologic map interface

Oregon digital geologic map interface At the end of last month, the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) issued this press release describing their new online interface for their statewide digital geologic map. The online version only covers the eastern portion of the state at the present time. But the interface is not too shabby with the ability to view conventional stratigraphy information, rock properties layers or general rock type. Available overlays include faults, highways, formation boundaries, cities/towns and USGS quad grids. You can also add a shaded relief map or topographic map base map or combine them both. And a feature I wish was more common in some of these online interfaces, they have the ability to export images when you get the view you want. It appears that you can do it at resolutions up to 1200 ppi.