Nicholson Completes Emergency Response Grouting Operation on Major Missouri Interstate with Minimal Traffic Impact

Nicholson completed an emergency response jet grouting operation on Missouri's Gasconade Bridge, part of Interstate 44, in Laclede County.Pittsburgh, PA – June 2, 2011 – Missouri’s Interstate 44 is considered one of the most frequently traveled highways in the central United States. In early March of 2011, Nicholson Construction was contacted to perform an emergency response grouting operation on the Gasconade Bridge, part of I-44 westbound, over the Gasconade River in Laclede County.

During construction of the drilled shaft foundations for Temporary Bent No. 6, it was determined that voids were present both beneath and adjacent to the north footing for Intermediate Bent No. 6. Test borings by MoDOT indicated that the void varied in depth from zero to five feet, but the horizontal extents were unknown upon Nicholson’s arrival to the site. 

Low mobility grout was utilized to create a barrier/containment wall outside of the footing influence zone to prevent excessive grout takes outside of the targeted area and to prevent grout from entering the Gasconade River. Once containment was achieved, high mobility grout was used to fill the extent of the contained void. During the grouting operation, the structure raised 1/16th of an inch, indicating restoration of subsurface stability. Grouting effectiveness was further confirmed by verification test cores performed by MoDOT.

From the initial pre-proposal site visit to demobilization, the I-44/Gasconade Bridge project was completed in 14 days. Once mobilized on site, the grouting phase of the project was completed in less than five days.

"I would like to commend the Nicholson team for its great work on the Gasconade River Bridge," said Victoria Woods, Resident Engineer for the District 8/I-44 Project in Missouri’s Laclede County. "The voids encountered under Pier 6 of the bridge required quick action. Nicholson’s response was tremendous, and the team delivered what was promised in record time. The complexity of the area was addressed quickly, the grout plan was implemented smoothly and the engineering was accurate."

Both Nicholson and the general contractor, Emery Sapp & Sons, demonstrated a strong commitment to safety on this project, which was completed rapidly, and without accident or injury.

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