PLAXIS 2023.1 Transitions to Seequent

Cross section generated in Seequent Central

The latest version of PLAXIS marks a definitive transition to becoming part of Seequent, the Bentley Subsurface Company. Among other things the updates allow users to import cross sections from Seequent Central. So users who have created a 3D subsurface model using Leapfrog Works or Leapfrog Geo can publish those models to Central as a single source of truth for a subsurface digital twin. Then the model can be accessed in PLAXIS to generate single cross-sections or sections at intervals along an alignment or path. The sections can be published back to Central if desired.

Other updates include cosmetic updates to more closely align with other Seequent products, the implementation of the Barcelona Basic Model, Temperature and Suction in SoilTest, and a Cable Bolt in Tunnel Designer, among other things. For more information on these and all the new features in PLAXIS, visit the Release Notes page.

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