Houtrib Dike Pilot Project - EcoShape

Nature-Based Solutions for Coastal Engineering

Dutch organization EcoShape is providing nature-based designs for a variety of coastal engineering challenges…working with nature instead of against it. The video below talks a bit about their approach in the context of two projects. […]

Seismogram showing the 9-11 attacks

The Seismology Of 9/11

The 9/11 anniversary this week conjures up strong feelings and memories for nearly every American who saw events unfold on TV that day, or even worse, lived through it. For me, I remember it was […]

Digital Geology Model Turned into Art

Geology as Art – New Exhibit in Melbourne

The subsurface geology of the City of Melbourne and it’s arts precinct is becoming an art exhibit itself.  Golder has been involved in a geotechnical investigation at the site of the Testing Grounds, a  “temporary […]