Final Bimrocks Paper?

Bimrocks is a term coined by my colleague Ed Medley, a fellow geopractitioner (a term he also coined).  The former term refers to "block-in-matrix-rocks" where blocks of geotechnically significant rock "float" in a matrix of weaker material.  I received the following email from Ed the other day which may be of interest to folks who deal with bimrocks:

I have, I think, written my last technical paper on bimrocks. There is little more I can preach! That paper (written with D. Zekkos) is  Geopractitioner Approaches to Working With Anti-Social Melanges, a chapter in the book  Special Paper 480: Mélanges: Processes of Formation and Societal Significance, by John Wakabayashi and Yildirim Dilek, published by the Geological Society of America. Wakabayashi and Dilek’s  full-text introduction to the volume is available at the GSA website.