Updated – Video: Wolf Creek Dam Grouting

[Update 4/11/12] Hayward Baker (a GeoPrac sponsor) is the geotechnical contractor performing the grouting under subcontract to the JV, thanks for the correction Tanner.  The JV is performing the cut-off wall work.  I should also mention that GeoPrac sponsor Nicholson Construction is the North American subsidiary of Soletanche Bachy, one half of the Treviicos-Soletanche JV. [/Update]

One of the largest grouting projects in the country right now is the dam foundation grouting project being conducted at the Wolf Creek Dam in Kentucky.  Treviicos-Soletanche JV is performing the grouting, the latest in a long history of grouting projects at Wolf Creek to fix foundation problems at the dam site.  This Video by ENR gives a great overview of the construction sequence of the current grouting project.