Video: Accelerated bridge construction Iowa DOT project

Massena Lateral Bridge Slide, 3D rendering of proposed bridge.

This video for the Massena Lateral Bridge Slide from Iowa DOT shows a very nice 3D rendering of the entire accelerated bridge construction process. They are using a lateral slide method to construct the bridge adjacent to the existing one and then slide it into place within 9 days.  From a geotechnical perspective, this bridge will be founded on driven piles, and then pre-cast abutment caps with CMP block-outs will be placed over the piles and the block-outs grouted up.  The wingwalls will also be precast with the CMP block-outs and supported on driven piles as well.  There will also be a driven pile temporary support structure, and driven piles will be used for the reaction frame to attach the threaded anchor rod used to jack the bridge into place.

Source: Iowa DOT via Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure via ASCE SmartBrief. Image:  Iowa DOT

Massena Lateral Bridge Slide from Iowa DOT on Vimeo.