GBA Updates One of Their Most Popular Geotechnical Resource Documents

GBA Important Information About Your Geotechnical Report - Updated

Many of you may be familiar with the Geoprofessional Business Association’s (GBA’s) document “Important Information about This Geotechnical-Engineering Report.” In my practice, we include it as an appendix in almost every geotechnical report we produce. It helps educate owners, clients, and other readers of your reports about the inherent uncertainty in geotechnical engineering, and what they need to know to manage the associated risks. This document was updated recently. According to the GBA’s email news blast:

GBA has updated one of its most frequently, all-time best-selling resource – Important Information about This Geotechnical-Engineering Report. Some of the language has been modified, at least one new term, is used, one section has been eliminated, and two sections have been modified substantially.

Literally millions of copies of the previous versions are in print or virtual print. Only GBA-Member Firms have the right to insert the document “as-is.”. And members get them for free. Stay current and get your copy now!

You can find the document at the GBA Website. GBA Members can download it for free, the price is $50 for non-members. But if you work for a firm that belongs to GBA, you are automatically a member, so you can (and should IMMEDIATELY!) register for a free account on GBA’s site with your company email address. Once you do, you will be entitled to access hundreds of valuable resource documents available on their website.