New Geotechnical Freeware for Stress and Settlement – Bubble 3D

Bubble 3D stress and settlement calculator

Novo Tech has released Bubble 3D, a new freeware application for visualizing foundation stress and settlement distribution. It does not use Finite or Discrete elements, but instead, it discretizes the model into many soil elements and calculates the stress increase due to all surcharges at each soil element and, and presents the results graphically. It includes the following stress analysis methods:

  • Boussinesq, Holtz and Kovacs
  • Westergaard
  • Newmark
  • 2:1 Method

And the following settlement calculation methods:

  • Rigid (semi-infinite)
  • Flexible (semi-infinite)
  • Elastic Theory

You can find out more at the Novo Tech website for Bubble 3D.

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