FLAC is Being Updated to FLAC2D V9.0

FLAC2D screenshot - Itasca

FLAC, the popular numerical modeling software by Itasca, is being updated to FLAC2D version 9.0, and there are some significant changes. According to Itasca’s News Post about the release:

As a 2D version of FLAC3DFLAC2D combines the efficiency of FLAC and the power of FLAC3D. This will also make the user experience more consistent between the different programs and improve future development. 

One of the key differences between this version of FLAC2D and FLAC is the elimination of i, j space.

Grids may be structured or unstructured, but in either, case zones and gridpoints are identified by IDs, spatial location (i.e., x,y-coordinates), or group names — rather than by i, j indexes — making it easier to learn and work with.

Some other welcome changes are that FISH syntax for FLAC2D should closely match that of FLAC3D. And the common framework and user interface should be the same as FLAC3D as well. Itasca notes that FLAC2D will be released “in 2022” but so far I haven’t seen anything more specific than that.