Excavation support along with Sydney Trains (west) boundary
Retaining Walls

3D Finite Element Analysis of a Deep Excavation & Ground Response Evaluation

How do you analyze a 43 m deep high-rise basement excavation adjacent to a highway and a railway where you have a combination of cantilevered concrete pile wall, ground anchors, and a vertical rock cut and rock buttress? You use Rocscience’s RS3 finite element software and the observational approach! […]

Geologic Hazards

Tsunami Impacts from a Seattle Fault Earthquake

The Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has released a new study regarding the tsunami impacts that would affect Metro Seattle in the event of an earthquake on the Seattle Fault. The last known earthquake […]

Available Resources

Geolegends Interview: Wayne Clough

The Geo-Institute of ASCE has a fantastic YouTube series called Geolegends where they interview the titans of our geoprofession. Their latest in the series is an interview with Dr. G. Wayne Clough. You might be […]